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Breakfast Ideas

Fisher & Paykel Trailer


The Fisher and Paykel Trailer comes fully equipped with premium quality appliances from one of New Zealand's best loved kitchen brands, and they're all ready for use. It's modern and sharp and will fit perfectly into any outdoor event. Fitted cameras and screens allow for close up shots of cookery demonstrations for all the audience to see.

Broil King BBQ Trailer

BK Trailer

The Broil King Trailer is a unique cookery demonstration space specifically designed for chef's to cook up a storm on a premium Canadian Broil King BBQ. The trailer is fully equipped with a number of BBQs - different models and types of cooking allow chefs to get the perfect temperature for delicious smokey BBQ flavours. Use the trailer as a demonstration stage or as the lead for a BBQ masterclass for visitors to get involved with. The Broil King Trailer adds an authentic feature to your event and can be enjoyed in numerous ways!

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